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Mr. Nussbaum: Math
eManipulatives Houghton Mifflin Math: Grade 1-6
E-Lab Grade 3-6
Interactivate @
MathActive - PBS Math
Sheppards Software: Math

Adding 3-Digit Numbers
Math Model: Add 3-Digit Numbers
Fly a Kite Factors, multiplication, and division
E-Lab Exploring Multiplication
E-Lab, Multiplication Facts
Space Arrays (Harcourt 2) Games
Cartesian Coordinates
Lesson: Definition of Cartesian Coordinates:
Congruent are figures that have the same size and shape.
For example, click here and here.

E-Lab, Congruent Figures (Harcourt 3)
Similar and Congruent Figures: Harcourt School Older
Graphing Coordinates (x, y) / Cartesian Coordinates (Algebra)
Graph Mole -- Easy Version
Graph Mole -- Medium Version
Graph Mole -- Hard Version

Can be used for younger grades
Using a Coordinate Grid (Harcourt 4)
Graphing Integers (Harcourt 5)
Graphing Integers (grade 5) Harcourt

Type in the correct x and y coordinates:
Catch the Fly Game
Locate the Aliens
Fractions Math Fractions Games
Visual Fractions Games

Coolmath4kids: Improper Fractions

Sheppardsoftware Mathman - Convert Improper_Fractions Convert Between Improper Fractions and Mixed Numbers
Mr. Nussbaum: Mixed Numbers and Improper Fractions

More Challenging Games
Mathplayground: Convert to Improper Fractions
Remember to simplify your answers.

Mathplayground: Convert to Mixed Numbers
Remember to simplify your answers. Changing Fractions and Decimals to Percents Millionaire Game

Unlike Fractions (Least Common Multiples - LCM; Least Common Denominators - LCD)
E-Lab: Addition and Subtractions of Unlike Fractions Including an activity to complete.

Adam Ant Explores Perimeters Basic skills
Interactivate: Perimeter Explorer @ Shodor

Now, locate something inside or outside of the house (classroom).  Find a ruler and measure the perimeter of the object that you located (e.g.: paper, book, door, box, etc.).
If you like, you can just use your feet heel to toe.
Place Value Games
Jumble Digits

Rounding Games
Online Interactive Math: Rounding Games

Rounding to Nearest 10
Rounding Spaceships

Rounding to Nearest 100
Rounding Sharks

Definition of Least Common Denominator: Math is Fun